Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot Dog Eating Controversy

Joey Chestnut won the official Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for a fifth straight time with 62 hot dogs. But, nearby in the douchey Manhattan rooftop bar, 230 fifth, Kobayashi polished off 69 hot dogs which is an unofficial world record. Organizer's will not recognize the record since it was not during an officially sanctioned competition.

Seems like Kobayashi's Nathan's non-attendance is due to the fact that Kobayashi does not want to sign with Major League Eating (MLE) which forbids him to eat in any non MLE league - Nathan's is an MLE event. Kinda like fighters that don't want to sign their life away to the UFC. Any who, here's an article about the recluse that is Kobayashi.

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