Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Le Singe Vert

Le Singe Vert
160 7th Ave
Btwn 19th and 20th St
Manhattan, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 366-4100

I've been meaning to stop by our buddies place, Le Singe Vert, for a while now, but the social obligations over the last two months have been a wee bit too much. Well, we finally made time and it was definitely worth the wait. Le Singe Vert does bistro food very well and even the brunch kicks ars too. The food was so much fun, I went twice in the span of a week. Need to schedule round three as I've been told the venison bolognese is spectacular.

Our Menu
(from brunch and dinner)

Octopus Salad
A great wtf type of octopus - incredibly tender and huge flavors with the anchovies/garlic. The potatoes make it satisfying and the tomatoes give it that bright sweet pop.

La Parisienne
Nice and fluffy eggs with a fun gruyere and ham thing going on.

French Toast

I'm not a huge brunch guy, but this was pretty stupid delicious - like absurd yummy. So, light, fluffy, and creamy and I knew it was my buddies cooking as he added the nice twist of armagnac/calvados to the side creme fraiche.

Truffle Fries
Everyone does these, but I don't care since these are delicious. Good potato flavor, nice and crispy and awesome with the bearnaise sauce.

Chicken Liver Mousse w/ Green Apple and Cornichon
I love chicken liver mousse and this was probably one of the best versions I've had in a long time. Flavor was so eff'n spot on and the hint of alcohol (maybe calvados/armagnac again?) made this thing pop. The green apple/cornichon was perfect to cut the richness of this dish.
Fun mix of salamis, pates, and pickled veg (onions/cornichons).

La Verte
After all the richness of the chicken liver and the charcuterie, I decided we needed some salad and this was actually pretty delicious. The escarole had a nice hearty texture/flavor with the perfect amount of dressing and quite fun with the goat cheese crouton. Our buddy did make fun of us for ordering this, but we made the USDA proud by completing the food pyramid :)

I've been craving some bouillabase and this hit the spot. Seafood was cooked spot on and it was what I needed in the cold weather.

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