Monday, October 3, 2011

Pane Panelle - Review

Pane Panelle
305 1/2 Church St
Btwn Lispenard and Walker St
Manhattan, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 219-2357

I've been wanting to check out this sandwich shop for a while, so I decided to stop by since I was in the area. The place is a little sandwich shop attached to the fun Stuzzicheria - more like a hallway on the side. This is definitely the most satisfying vegetarian sandwich I've ever had - did not need meat at all. Highly recommended.

Our Menu
Pane e Panelle **
Chickpea Fritter, Ricotta, Caciocavallo
The great thing about this sandwich is it totally embodies Italian cuisine - minimal high quality ingredients that perfectly complement each other. The brioche bun is soft and a little sweet. The Ricotta/Caciocavallo spread is creamy, salty, and almost a little meaty. The olive oil is incredibly fruity and adds a little lubrication. The chickpea fritter has a great crisp to it - not heavy, but really light. Perfect balance. The only thing holding this back from a wtf sandwich is it was a tad dry, not terribly so but just a little.

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