Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fiore's Deli

Moving out to the burbs, we were pretty damn lucky finding tons of delicious ethnic foods - mexican, japanese, chinese, turkish, etc. - not the watered down versions you find in most suburbs. However, the one thing I miss the most is the Italian sandwiches of Hoboken. It doesn't get any better than Fiore's Deli (414 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030) where they make their own mozzarella on site (or "mutz" by the locals). They have some delicious specials like the roast beef|gravy and the insanely addicting virginia ham|honey mustard gravy.

But, as a purist, I dig the mutz on a roll. The mutz here is perfect - it's juicy, has great milky flavor, perfect texture, and is nicely salted. All the sandwich places near me serve dry mozzarella that don't have that great milky flavor.

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