Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog at a Burger Joint & Wrestling

Mikey's Burger
Highly Recommended
(at least for the Dogs)
134 Ludlow St.
New York
, NY 10002

Even as someone who has lived in Manhattan for almost 5 years I still say that I am a caveman when it comes to the Lower East Side, this world frightens and confuses me. When I find myself there late at night sometimes I wonder which way is North much less finding a subway. Thought I'd try to find something that I recognized so why not go on a little mini food binge. Looked for about 5 minutes for a pizza joint and found nothing so stumbled into Mikey's Burger. Unaware that this was actually called by many as Top 5 Burger Joint I just wasn't in the mood for a quick burger. I saw the Shine Dog on the Menu - seemed interesting.

Shine Dog sliced pickle, tomato, onions, relish, jalapeno and mustard.

One bite in there was some serious spicy flavor. It was like two side of a sandwich were about to throw it down with a hot dog in the center ring trying to break up a fight. In one corner Pickles and Onions vs Relish and Tomatoes. "Wait - here comes Jalapenos and Spicy Mustard - Jalapenos and Spicy Mustard are attacking Pickles and Onions - GOOD GOD this match is over!" Somewhere under the pile up in the center was this little tiny hot dog - I almost forgot it was there. That's my only regret with this experience - there could have been more beef. Next time I’ll see if they could throw 2 dogs in there.

Next time you are down at the Lower East Side make sure you Shine it up real nice and stick this thing straight up your candy mouth. This is the People's Hot Dog.

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