Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mister Donut

In Taipei, there's a ton of Japanese influences - stores, cartoons, and fast food joints. We saw a Mister Donut (originated in the US, but the main market is now Japan) and figured why not give it a try. It's pretty freaking awesome - nice, light, and airy with a custard cream that's lightly sweet and uber creamy. Love this stuff, but Doughnut Plant still reigns supreme for this dude since I'm still blown away by the chewiness and lightness/airiness combined at the Plant.

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Porthos said...

Dude. The go to donut is the Pon De Ring at Mister Donut. It has the chewy yet soft and airy texture like no other donut. Not sure if they call it the same in Taiwan. But look for the one with a bunch of whopper sized malt balls linked into a ring. When I was on japan a week ago, they had a matcha flavored Pon De Ring on special for the summer.