Monday, August 22, 2011

World Soymilk Magnate

I've had many a soybean drink/soymilk, but never one as flavorful as the one at "World Soymilk Magnate" aka Si Jyeah Do Jyang Da Wong. It's slightly sweet (not grossly sweet like the ones in the states) and it has an almost fermented tofu flavor which makes it taste intensely like tofu - this is a good thing.

The traditional accompaniment is xiaobing yo-tiyao - chewy, flaky wrap with some fried dough on the inside. A little too greasy on it's own, but a solid accompaniment with the soymilk. The other dishes looked suspect as they seem to be rocking the microwave a bunch - so caveat emptor.

World Soymilk Magnate
84 Yonghe Road, Sec. 2
Yonghe City, Taipei, Taiwan

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