Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Lasagna Post. By Athos.

I wanted to make a simple lasagna tonight so I rocked the Dudes blog and was surprised there wasn’t one on here. I made one that was quite tasty, but I didn’t get very technical by making the pasta or sauce from scratch. Since there was no lasagna here, I thought I’d post something.

Noodles I used were from Barilla. The sauce was something I picked up at the store. I added my own touches. I tried to make it healthier than normal. I love the sauce to be extra chunky, so I browned a pound of ground turkey. To that I added garlic, onion, thick-sliced mushrooms, and lots of spices like parsley flakes, salt, extra-extra pepper, oregano, tons of crushed red pepper and probably another thing. I combined that with the sauce, and it was definitely chunky. In another bowl, I combined ½ c. of egg substitute, lots of spinach, 16 oz. of skim milk Ricotta cheese, ½ c. of Parmesan cheese, and 2 c. of skim milk mozzarella cheese. I had an extra 2 cups on the side of a cheese blend. I started layering by adding sauce from bowl 1, pasta, cheese mix from bowl 2, sprinkle cheese blend. Repeat. Cover with foil, and throw in pre-heated 375 degree oven for an hour. When I take it out, I toast garlic bread that I bought for 7 minutes. Serve. Magnifico

P.S. For even healthier lasagna, substitute paste for sliced eggplant. Tre good. I’ve done it several times.

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