Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Audacious Miller Lite

taken from : http://captainsbeerblog.com/2009/03/06/breaking-news-miller-lite-uses-hops/

Not that I'm into expending my focus and energy on this blog ripping American macro brewers (fish in a barrel), but this recent article from the Associated Press talking about Miller Lite's competitive struggles in the light beer marketplace really irked me.

Their continued efforts to dupe the American consumer by stealing craft beer lingo for their own profiteering purposes is shameless. From the article: 

"MillerCoors shared its new Miller Lite ad campaign with investors, saying it will focus on the brand's taste to woo new consumers. One ad played for analysts touted the fact that brewers add hops to Miller Lite three times while it is being made. It also used a slogan familiar with its fans: 'Great taste, less filling.'" 

Three hop infusions? Hats off to you, Miller Lite. However, I seem to recall from grade school that 3 multiplied by zero still equaled zero. Give them credit for world-class supply chain and production processes to put out a consistent product day in and day out. But as far as flavor and discernable hop characteristics are concerned, they've yet to sell me.

I just wish 96% of the beer drinking public felt the same.

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