Monday, December 3, 2007

Cercle Rouge - Brunch Review

Cercle Rouge - Recommended
241 W Broadway, New York 10013
Btwn Beach & White St
Phone: 212-226-6252

This is a bit late, but been quite busy and a bit sick. Last Sunday, we had a phenomenal day with the dudes and it all started with brunch at Cercle Rouge. Great times, but I have to throw in a caveat that we knew some people there, so our experiences maybe different. Overall, I give the restaurant an 80/100.

My Menu

1) Ouefs a la Toulousaine - Recommended
2) Terrine de Foie Gras – Highly Recommended (must have)

3) Pecan Tarte Recommended

Dish Comments
1) Basically sausage stuffed with soft boiled eggs and breaded and deep fried. Crunchy exterior, rich sausage flavor and the unctuous soft boiled eggs were heavenly. Add the amazing slow roasted tomatoes and tasty home fries and you got a great meal. This would have been highly recommended, but the sausage room temperature should have been much warmer.
2) Perfect Foie. Surprisingly sweet, rich and creamy. Amazing with the sour/sweet/crunchy pickled onions and toast. One of the better foie's I had in a while.
Pecan tarte that's good, but a little too sweet for my liking. My benchmark for pecan tarte is still Peter Luger's.

Overall Restaurant Experience (80/100)

  • Food 8.3/10 – A great French brunch. If the eggs were warmer, this would have been a home run.
  • Service 8.5/10 – Very friendly French waitress and the food came out in a reasonable time.
  • Atmosphere 7.5/10 – Looks like a lot of other French bistros. Place was comfortably full at 1pm. Crowd consisted of groups of 4.
  • Price 8.0/10 – $18.95 for dish and one drink. I think that's worthwhile for a brunch in the city. $18 for their fg is a steal.
Closing Comments
Very high class brunch - not used to having foie for brunch. Good stuff and want to check it out for dinner sometime.

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