Monday, January 28, 2008


- Sunday, Twelve Hundred Thirty Hours, 65 East 55th Street -
I stood in front of the table flabbergasted at the brunch buffet spread at Aquavit.
It was my first time there for Sunday Brunch, and what a call it was. I'm going back ASAP.

This is as well rounded a restaurant as it gets. They do everything very well.
Lunch and Dinner service are amazingly delicious as well.

As for Brunch, you are recommended to not pile your plate like a Las Vegas buffet line, but to take multiple trips and enjoy the courses of trational Swedish Smörgåsbord fashion ...
You first go up and pick from a selection of 8 different herring dishes.
e.g. Pickled, Cherry infused, Cream and Dill, and even Curry and Tandori.
This is to be paired with boiled baby potatoes and Swedish rye bread.
The second trip up is to try the various gravlax, pate, and cold cuts...
And finally, if you still have some room left, there's the hot station where you will find roasted lamb daube, braised beef brisket, swedish meetballs, and baked anchovy potatoes.

What a treat!
There's even a dessert table as well.

I've done the typical brunches here and there in the city, and they are all the same. i.e. Balthazar, Artisanal, Normas, Sarabeths, Tavern on the Green. They all have the predictable freshly squeezed juices, 4 different types of eggs, some sausage or bacon and fresh pastry breads.
Aquavit offers something completely different and quite frankly, of higher quality.
If I had my say, Aquavit would definitely be listed as a NY Times 3 star restaurant. I'm not too sure what they are doing over at the Times... Sheer neglect.

- The bottom line-
This foodie loves Aquavit and highly recommends it.

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