Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sanuki Udon

pronounced : (sah-noo-kee)

Perhaps the king of all Japanese udon noodles. This regional noodle is from Kagawa Prefecture, on the Shikoku Island of Japan. Known for it's great tooth feel. Al Dente lovers, eat your hearts out.

Ingredients :
1 pack of Sanuki Udon
2 AA Large Eggs (USDA Shielded AA eggs)
2 Scallions
2 T Dashi Soy Sauce

Directions :
In a large pot, vigorously boil water and dump fresh noodles in. Cooking time will range from 10 to 14 minutes according to preference. I like my udon noodles a bit on the harder side so I removed from the boiling water after 10 minutes.
Place in colander and rinse with cold water from the faucet for 30 seconds. You are looking to remove the slimy feel from the noodles. Drain and set aside.
From here, it gets interesting. There's basically 3 ways to enjoy the standard soy dashi broth noodle.
- Hot, Cold
- Cold, Hot
- Hot, Hot
By this I mean, you can have it
hot noodles : cold dipping sauce,
cold noodles : hot sauce or broth,
or both hot noodles : hot broth

But I did my research and found that the locals in Kagawa enjoy their fresh noodles with simply a fresh raw egg, tons of scallions, and soy sauce infused with dashi.
This was utterly delicious. The al dente-ness of the noodles went so well with the carbonara-like characteristic of the raw egg. Not to mention the raw scallions punched up the flavors 2 fold.

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