Friday, September 10, 2010

Il Pesce

It's 2am now, I just got home from a 3 hour drive, and all I can think about is my amazing lunch yesterday at Il Pesce.
Il Pesce is David Pasternack's new seafood restaurant at Eataly.
I gotta say, I'm not a giant fan of this over cooked piazza/market, but I have to admit the fish is tops in the city.

You'd think NYC... the city that never sleeps, the city where you can get anything under the sun would have a great fish monger in just about every neighborhood.
Well, that's not the case. I can't even give you 1 example that's on par with Il Pesce in the Eataly complex. It's that good guys.
Fish with beautiful clear glass ball eyes, flush red gills, and shiny scales, all packed on an enormous slanted ice bed for you to marvel at.
The Langostines are live, and so were the razor clams and scallops.
It's a feast for not only the palate, but the eyes as well.

Alright, enough writing and I'm headed to bed.
Enjoy the pic I'm tagging to this post.

Branzino simply seasoned and baked in a combi oven for 13 minutes at 420 degrees F.
You really can't beat that.

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