Friday, September 24, 2010

Neither the Coffee, Nor the Muffins

It's Autumn! And I'm in that Pumpkin mood again. I'm ready to order that Pumpkin Ale, along with some Pumpkin Gnocchi, and why not that Pumpkin Cake for dessert.

So when I see Pumpkin Muffins, and being the slut that I am, I run towards it like a Republican running towards mid-term primaries.

(I jest, but you get the sentiment)

So I spotted "Pumpkin Muffins" at the local DD his morning.
I get to my desk and bite into it. Well more like break off the top mushroom cap and savor the unique and satisfying texture of only what a great muffin can do.
(I digress again)
Well this little pastry came short of satisfying.
What perverted mind would engineer such an airy and not at all densely packed muffin? It's FLUFFY! Oh No You Didn't!
The pumpkin flavor was so-so but completely moot at that point.

Needless to say, Starbucks trumps Dunkin' Donuts not only in the coffee department, but also in their baked goods category as well.

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