Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shake Shack is now in DC!

Shake Shack
1216 18th St NW
Washington D.C., DC 20036
(202) 683-9922

Washington, DC has finally come around and has some good burger joints appearing. Five Guys is based in Arlington, there’s BGR the Burger joint (my favorite), and now Shake Shack hits the scene at Dupont Circle. The burgers are good there, as are their shakes, but the thing I’m most excited for are the hot dogs. That is one thing that DC is severely lacking in. Though I have not had a dog from the DC location, I’m already proclaiming it the best dog in the DC area based on the ones I had when I was in NYC. This time around, I was in the mood for a burger. I broke my rule of not visiting a place until it was open for 2 weeks and went there on their 1-week anniversary. Of course, there was a long line, even on a late Tuesday evening, but hey, there was an even longer line at the already-opened NYC location. I usually wait 2 weeks so they can work out their bugs. This time was no big deal at all, and everything was working like a well-oiled machine. Based on Porthos’ previous recommendation, I got a “Shake Stack,” which is their cheeseburger with a 'shroom burger topped w/lettuce, tomato & ShackSauce. I also had cheese fries on the side. To review backwards, I dig their fries. Crisp and hot. They add the cheese sauce on top, and that’s a plate full of happiness. The burger was done right with meat that’s better quality than fast food places, sweet bread, but next time I will opt out of the ‘shroom burger. It may be fine on its own, but it kept interfering with my burger-burger. Finally, I separated the 2, and I was in bliss again. Next time I will stick to the classic. Actually, I should say next time I’ll partake in their hot dogs. And shake. I liked their shakes, but I was in SS right after a workout, and my food was already making me feel guilty. $13.64, a bit pricey for a burger & fries, but this isn't BK.

Burger – B
Fries – B+
Shake Shack/DC - B


burger queen said...

You should've tried the hot dog first! Also, seems kinda spendy for a burger and fries at a fast food joint.

Athos said...

I was juuuuust about to get a dog, but I was on a burger kick at that time. Pricey, indeed, but the meat is much better quality. I wouldn't call it fast food, either, as you have to wait a bit while they prepare the food. The pic with the receipt also shows that device that notifies you when your food is ready: