Friday, June 17, 2011

WTF in a *BAD* Way!

2 Girls 1 Cup? I'm sure Japanese laugh at that. "Kid stuff," a sumo wrestler would exclaim. We all know how Japanese are crazy when it comes to game shows, fetishes, and the sort. But now, this is a new low... or high? Scientists in Japan have found a way to make meat from human feces. Don't believe me? Check out the news here:

Now I ate stuff people ain't even thunk, but I would NOT do this. Hellz-to-the-naw! Feel free to pinch a loaf to make meatloaf, but in the meantime, Ima cook me up some ribeye which, apparently, is cheaper than these shit burgers. They keep claiming all the protein that's in this meat, but we know what else that supposedly has a lot of protein, and I'm not gonna drink that, either!

To quote Sir Aramis: "WTF in a baaaaad way."

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