Friday, June 25, 2010

Amateur Night

I'm usually pretty lenient with neighborhood joints. The whole idea is that I want to like them because they are so easy to get to.
So that is pretty much why I gave Teppan another go at it within a month or so.
My first experience wasn't so hot, but perhaps I should have cut my losses short and just let it be for a while longer.

This place is literally around the corner from my place and it's just recently opened. Brand new everything. So logically, one would think the owners have some $$, they would hire some talent.

(this was my brief write up earlier this month...)

So I thought I'd give their sushi bar a try.
Even worse!
They have this roll called the "Oh My God" Roll... and literally OMG there was a loose staple in my first bite.

Depending on how deep the owners' pockets are, it's either another 3 to 6 months till they file bankruptcy.

Grand Opening.... Grand Closing

1 comment:

Palan Kalao said...

better a staple than a nasty black hair . . . ugh