Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lion Burgers in Arizona

In honor of the World Cup in South Africa, the owner of this Arizona restaurant picked up 10 pounds of lion burgers and selling out to all of those interested. I would love to try it out. Too bad it's for a very limited time only. There is a lot of outrage, however. He even received a bomb threat. Ironically, the lion meat was purchased in IL.

I wonder what a liger would taste like.

Click here for the video about the lion meat.

P.S. There are like 50 countries in Africa. So why do people refer to the entire CONTINENT as if it were one country??? The reporter even says "the country of Africa."


porthos said...

what's also interesting is "in honor of the world cup in south africa.."

what does that mean really?
if the world cup were to be played in China... would he serve panda burgers?

Athos said...

Ha ha! Such a good point. People don't always think before they choose their words and come out with cheesy ones.