Sunday, June 6, 2010

Skinner's (Jersey City)

Skinner's in Jersey City (2min walk from Grove St. Station) is probably one of the worst Irish Pubs I've ever been to.
Now the circumstances may exagerate my disdain towards the establishment, but that's life. This flogger hates Skinner's with a passion.

Friday 8:30pm -
After landing in Newark and waiting for 40 min for my car, then dropping off my bags and walking over to the joint, I was seated and waited another 5 min 'til my drink order was taken.

Upon inspecting the menu once over, I thought ordering the "special" would be prudent.
Its a special for goodness sakes.

- BBQ Brisket with Corn Salsa and Stuffed Zucchini.
If I had to grade this dish, it would be Northwest Airlines (JFK to LAX) caliber.

Brisket wasn't well cooked (if you look hard enough, it's under the 2 giant onion rings). Then the pathetic tangy bbq sauce slathered all over.

And to top it off, the table was slanted and wobbly.

Long story short, Skinner's in JC gets "2 Forks Down"!

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