Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totto Ramen

From the same guys who have brought you delicious Yakitori.. (The Totto Group...)
They now present Totto Ramen.

Here's something I learned in Economics class... It's called Comparative Advantage.
Say you have 2 countries. Country A and Country B. Country A is really good at making Product 1 and Country B is really good at making Product 2. Just because Country A is really good at making Product 1, it doesn't mean they are also good at making product 2. And vice versa.
I could continue on and explain in another 500 words, but you should just listen to me when I say, "Stick to what you are good at!!!"
I understand the guys at Totto have a ton (literally) of chicken bones and would love to salvage that waste to make even more money... but you guys are grilling experts, not Paitan Ramen experts.
And just because you fly in a dude from Japan to make your broth, it's a futile attempt because that particular chef isn't accustomed to all the intricacies of Manhattan yet.
Your vegetables, water source, cooking conditions, poultry quality, etc...

But I digress!
The bottom line :
Totto Ramen - Not Recommended
I ordered the Miso Ramen.
Basic Paitan Broth with a dollop of Miso and Ground Pork Mixed in.
The noodle in my Miso Paitan Ramen was an 18 gauge. (meaning relatively thick)
I also ordered it, "Kata-men", which means "al dente" in Japanese. But it wasn't very flavorful.
(interesting factoid : the noodles aren't just boiled in water, but some kind of broth, adding more flavor)
The ramen is garnished with chopped scallions and minced onions, with (only) 1 slice of Chashu, and 1 semi hard boiled egg.
And the final blow was the price tag... $10.50 for a weak bowl of noodles.
I give this bowl of ramen a 6.5/10


Anonymous said...

you don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Totto Ramen is terrible.
And for $10?!

porthos said...

It's terrible dude. Seriously.