Friday, May 27, 2011

Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Tea - Review

Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Tea
765 E Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 545-1708

My coworker took me to this place since I was looking for Taiwanese fried chicken. When we got there, I realized we got our lines crossed since I went to another one last year. (Yes, there are multiple "Taiwanese fried chicken" joints nearby.) But it didn't matter, since this was also good. We both ordered the same thing: "Taiwanese fried chicken with ground pork on rice." That's pretty much what it is with additional "salad" on the side. The chicken is nicely fried and crispy with the spice on top adding to the flavor. The ground pork is just enough to let you know is there, so not really flavorful, but it's not supposed to be since the focus is on the chicken. I also ordered a chocolate bubble tea. It's average as far as chocolate bubble teas go, which means it was damn good. It's hard to screw this up. I was happy to see they used real milk tea and did not blend it. The boba was cooked nicely and not mushy nor hard. I'll definitely be back. Hao chi! Hao he!!


Porthos said...

that looks so good dude. i would kill for that right now.
yes, for breakfast at my desk, while i punch out expenses.

Athos said...

1AM, and if this place was open now, I'd head over there. Late-night munchies time.

ChineseJapaneseLookAtThese said...

this actually just looks like "mall" Asian food.

Athos said...

Well, it *was* in a strip mall. :-) But when I think of mall Asian, I think of Panda and any place with people giving samples out on toothpicks. This place makes it fresh and authentic, not Americanized sweet & sour this or that.