Sunday, May 1, 2011

Satis (Jersey City)

I was expecting a whole lot more, but in the end there is no substitute for talent. And kitchens in Jersey City still lack the leadership needed to run a seasoned brigade.

I don't doubt the Chef has a little bit of talent and may have worked at one ot two decent restaurants.
Because the menu is great. And "great" might not be doing it justice. I was really looking forward to the meal.

But orders from the kitchen were slow and poorly seasoned, the waiters were obnoxiously snappy, and everything was overall more expensive than other competing bistros in the neighborhood.

It will be a hard sell to drag me back here in the next 6 months. But I will revisit once the place is opened a year and re-evaluate.
I want to believe there's hope for Jersey City restaurants.

Restaurant owners should really stop opening taverns and pubs, and redirect that energy onto real restaurants with a unique identity. Inviting more talented chefs into JC and giving them more landscape to work with.

Branzino - Flat. Good quality fish but not enough seasoning and no olive oil drizzled on top. WTF

Seafood in Red Sauce - Somewhat OK.
But still amateur hour at best.
You can't just throw the seafood into boiling red sauce and cook it that way.

Short Rib - Dry and bland. Not really sure how old this was. Cause it certainly did not taste like it was just made that afternoon.

Merguez - Best dish of the night. Flat bread could have been flatter. Cucumber sauce could have been smoother and less stringy. Merguez was on the money.

Charcuterie Board - Good. I have a feeling the Speck and Finnocchiono Salume were generic brands. No substantial gamyness or umami to them. The Parmeggiano Reggiano was decent. But instead of a fig jam, I would have preferred a balsamic glaze instead.

Chorizo and Marcona Almond Pate - Good. But again, the accompanying bread which was covered in tomato paste killed the pate's flavor and left me baffled.

Bottom line, stop running interference with too many flavors.
Let's keep to the golden rule of 3 guys. Any more flavors and you are just doing everyone a disservice.

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