Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cook Zen - Not your mom's Microwave Meals

The day has come folks.. when the Microwave can pretty much make full meals...
This picture attached is an example of 3 different types of curries made with a "microwave safe" pot invented in Japan. 
(Shrimp Curry, Chicken Curry, and Vegetable Curry)

I participated in a PR event in Manhattan the other day and had the opportunity to watch what this product claims to do. 
Now the lady who has her name on the product is a character and pretty annoying to tell you the truth.  It took a while to get used to her because she is a terrible speaker, and just really really grouchy.
And you could tell the staff working with her during the event clearly didn't like her. 
It would make complete sense if someone told me she was a Scientologist... (Yeah, that awkward)

She claims her invention saves time and it also promotes a healthy way of living. 

I've seen my fare share of salesman and this is no more than a gimmick. 
To tell you the truth, everything you can do in this Microwave Pot, one could easily do on the stove in a steel pot and probably yield a better product. 
There is absolutely no need to drop $80 and another $20 for her cookbook.  (this product is promoted by the same publicist as Rachel Ray... 'nuff said)

I am not convinced one bit, microwaving food for 10 minutes in a polypropylene container is "healthy" cooking. 
I've asked materials scientists, and also industrial design majors who have taken classes in plastics.  And they all unequivocally tell me, microwaving foods in plastics is not a good idea.  No matter what kinds of plastics they are, there will be harmful contamination traceable in your foods. 

Here are some of the comparative results :
All chopping and peeling times are the same so not counted in this measure.

Microwave Chicken Curry : 12 min in the Microwave
Stove top Curry Chicken : 15min on medium high

Microwave Shrimp Curry : 8min in the Microwave
Stove top Shrimp Curry : 10min in a conventional steel pot

In the end, there is not much difference.  The benefits are trivial and not worth the hype in my humble opinion. 

I'm not calling this product a piece of $%#*, but somebody did, and I'm not refuting it. 

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