Monday, July 5, 2010

Stinky Tofu in Suzhou

Stinky tofu is basically tofu that is left to ferment which makes the tofu have these complex cheese like qualities and they do stink to high hell. The ones they serve at this small shop in the middle of Old Suzhou wasn’t that stinky and had a phenomenal texture unlike any I’ve ever had. The exterior was nice and light, but crisp and the interior was so soft and silky. Usually stinky tofu has this almost hard scrambled egg like texture – at least the ones I had in Taiwan and the States. Pretty awesome stuff.

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Athos said...

This seems like the 1st non-touristy place in your China postings, and it calls to my heart. The dish looks superb. I'm a fan of stinky tofu cooked in this method. What is the 1st picture where it shows the "measurements?"