Friday, July 2, 2010

Lunch in Suzhou – Silk Factory

The one thing you notice when you go to tours in China is they always drop you off to places where they want you to buy stuff. This time we were watching how silk was made then they try to sell you a whole bunch of silk products. Based on this I didn’t expect much from the food, but the food here was actually killer. Again, apologies but I don’t have the exact address since we were just dropped off here.

Our Menu

Cold dishes of Seaweed and White Beans with Beef **
Never had white beans in a Chinese dish before, but this dish rocked with the floral chilis and the tender cold cuts of beef and fat. Kinda like the fuchee fay pyan beef where it’s more salty and a little light floral chili thing going on.

Shanghai Tips *
Love the veggies in this region as they seem to be cooked one of two ways. Either sautéed simply with salt and garlic or cooked with chicken stock as a sauce. This was just simply salt and garlic and incredibly delicious.

Scrambled Egg *
Perfectly cooked – nice and soft. Great with White Rice.

Gali Chai (Cabbage) **
This was cooked using the latter method – sautéed with chicken stock. The sweetness of the cabbage and the richness of the chicken stock made for a ridiculously delicious combo.

Diced Chicken and Peanuts (Jee Ding) **
This was sooo good, but again not sure if this was catering to the tourists as this reminded of Kung Pao chicken but the best I’ve ever had. Salty, a bit spicy, and nice floral flavors from the chili. Great with the roasted peanuts and insanely addicting with white rice.

Sliced Beef and Onions *
Beef was incredibly tender and the flavor was like black bean sauce. Similar to many a Cantonese dish I’ve had in NY’s Chinatown, but the sauce was much tastier. The peppers and onions made me think of Amercianized fajitas…

These were a bit overcooked, but the broth was nice and flavorful.

Soup with Tofu Skin *
Basically chicken soup enhanced with the great flavor of tofu skin. Again, these had such a meaty and nice salt flavor which is much different from what we get back home

Rating System
--- What the F - in a bad way * Good ** Great *** What the F – in a good way

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