Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lotus of Siam Creators Have Left the Building...

The recently dude reviewed Lotus of Siam now gets a grade of incomplete as the creators of Lotus of Siam have left NYC permanently. Looks like it's due to differences with the owner and some health reasons. Bummer since the food was pretty delicious although the prices were a bit too high. Definitely not going there ever again...

Some excerpts explaining why they left:

In the interview, Ms. Chutima said the restaurant “seemed more like Cru and not what we have in Las Vegas, where families and college students feel comfortable.” She added that “it’s a different clientele and not what we want.”

In an earlier e-mail, Ms. Chutima said: “My parents wanted to share with our guests what my mother had learned from her grandmother since she was a little child; unfortunately, our partner here in New York seems to have a different vision, a vision far different from what Lotus of Siam Las Vegas had. Our reputation is at stake; as a result, we are terminating this relationship in order to protect our morals and values; also, to protect the image of my parents, who have worked their hardest for the past 25 years.”

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