Monday, January 3, 2011

Moutai Plus Restaurant - Review

Moutai Plus Restaurant
- Dude Grade: B
8101 Park Road
Richmond, BC, Canada
Phone: (604) 233-6981

Our last meal in British Columbia and we knew we needed to finish strong, so we had to do Chinese food in Richmond. The in-laws took us to this bao-jiao-dian. To break this down, bao (bao zhe - fluffy bread), jiao (jiao zhe - dumplings), dian - place. So place for dumplings and fluffy breads. Pretty damn fun place and total comfort food strike zone.

Our Menu

Dan Dan Mian *
Nice texture on the noodle and pretty solid flavor - kinda like a weird cold noodle (sesame paste) and dan dan mian flavor, but still pretty tasty.

Vegetable Dumpling ***
This totally blew me away in terms of texture and flavor. The skin texture had a phenomenal chew to it which I've never had before in a dumpling. Then the vegetable filling was so intensely flavored and the texture was spot on.

Tripe *
More Chinese comfort food done properly. The tripe texture and chili/five spice flavor was spot on.
Rating System
--- What the F - in a bad way | (no stars - poor to average) | * Good | ** Great | *** What the F – in a good way

Closing Comments
Definitely a must visit in terms of Chinese comfort food. We didn't pay, but the prices looked relatively cheap so another bonus!

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