Monday, January 10, 2011

Soba Totto

The lunch wars continue in midtown Manhattan.
This time Soba Totto, which is across the street from Yasuda was the designated target.

Overall - B+
Food - B (impressive irrelevant of cost)
Service - B
Ambiance - B

$10 Lunch special : Seafood Chirashi Don and Soba dish.

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AK Works said...

Was at this place for a Scoop St special in mid-town. the special sucked but Soba Totto was bangin. The best best dish we had was otoro yakitori. they take chunks of otoro, presumably the cuts that cant be used for sushi, and skewer it. then it's roasted - yakitori style - and basted in their yakitori sauce. delicious. add some good soba and sake, it's heavenly.