Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Molto Mario on TV Again

One of my favorite food shows ever was Molto Mario and now it's back on TV via the Cooking Channel. Watching them a second time around, it's interesting to see how many famous food personalities were guests on Mario's shows (e.g. Todd English, Rocco Dispirito, Anthony Bourdain, Jacques Pepin's daughter, etc). It's an incredibly informative and entertaining show - something you don't get on the Food Network anymore.

The Cooking Channel is a perfect place for this as they're trying to sell themselves as the channel with real chefs and some indy hipsters sprinkled in. Unfortunately, I'm noticing the food network housfraus (Rachel Ray, Giada, etc) are making their way onto this channel which doesn't make any sense since they already have their own channel. Any who, get your tivo recording Molto Mario while you can as they may pull the plug on this excellent show soon...

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