Monday, April 18, 2011

Junior's @ Grand Central

Not as grandiose as Katz's, but this pastrami sandwich really hit the spot.

D'Artagnan and I were to meet up Aramis, Dantes, Richeleu and Risotto at the ballpark later that evening and decided to rendezvous at Grand Central Station first.

I got a little hungry and darted around looking for something to satiated my appetite. After being away from NYC for sometime due to a ton of business trips, I sprung at the chance to devour a good 'ol NYC pastrami sandwich.

To my surprise, it wasn't the typical mass produced tasting, dry and overly spiced non-sense. This pastrami sandwich was extremely good. Better than most and quite possibly second only to Katz's.

I'm definitely heading to Junior's again for round two of this positive discovery.

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