Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Troubles in Ramsay-ville

Looks like there's some trouble in Ramsay-ville. After the entire staff walked out of the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at The London NYC hotel, Gordon Ramsay admitted he has nothing to do with the restaurant bearing his name. Plus, the restaurant which he has nothing to do with is also raising prices by 22%!

From the pages of the NY Post -
"When the shuttered Gordon Ramsay restaurant at The London NYC hotel reopens next week, the customers will be picking up the tab.

An internal memo obtained by The Post shows that the eatery is planning to hike its prices by more than 22 percent, after being closed since last Saturday because male chefs staged a dramatic walkout after a female colleague lodged sexual-harassment charges.

Wednesday, commis chef Janet Kim filed a complaint with the State Division of Human Rights naming both the hotel and Ramsay that says she was sexually harassed in the kitchen.

"Neither Gordon Ramsay or [his company] GRH have any involvement with or responsibility for the operation of the restaurant, including anything to do with human resources, which is entirely the responsibility of the owners," Ramsay's spokesperson said."

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