Sunday, April 10, 2011

Red Snapper

I'm on this fish kick recently and will be posting some new, and some old (but memorable) fish experiences I've had.
The more I think about cooking fish, the more I realize it's probably a miracle food.
Never heard a Doctor tell a patient to "lay off the fish..."
You can eat fish to your heart's content and never ever have to worry one bit over it.
I even bet all the heart clogging beurre blanc sauce in the world would be nicely evened out by the merits of fish. (OK Maybe)

So a few months ago, while visiting the in-laws, I got my hands on "just caught" red snapper.
I decided to do 2 dishes. One western, and the other an eastern inspiration.

First, the western preparation. Filleted and pan seared. The sauce was a reduction of the fish stock I made with some of the bones of the fish and mirepoix. Seasoned with herbs and spices and then emulsified with a red wine reduction.

The second is prepared by steaming. First lightly seasoned before lowered into the steamer.
Steamed for 8 minutes, and finished with a quick Sake, Soy Sauce, Ginger and Scallion pan sauce poured over the fish.

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