Friday, April 1, 2011

Salumeria Rosi - Revist

I took a random Friday off to spend the day in NYC with the wife. The first thing I thought we had to do was enjoy the warm weather by eating outside at Salumeria Rosi. I've been here before and it's same old, same old - my favorite cheaper Italian joint in the city.

Our Menu

Burrata (special for the day) **
Such an intense milky flavor and so creamy. Great way to start a Friday.

FINNOCCHIONA (fee-nohk-KEEOH-nah) ***
A zippy, Tuscan-style salame, seasoned with fennel, or finocchio. Full of flavor, it pairs well with mild foods like the saltless bread of Tuscany.

We just had this recently at Lupa and I was floored at how good it was there. Well, this version blows Lupa's away. Much more natural tasting and so full of flavor. Like a delicious cured porchetta. I think this maybe my new favorite salumi.

Cesare’s signature salad of soft-scrambled egg, pancetta and market greens.

Such an addictive and fun salad. Creamy and warm from the eggs and salty/porky from the pancetta. I wish all salads were like this.

House made sausage of pork, fennel, garlic and spezie forte stewed with chickpeas and tomatoes.

Same as the previous visit. Still a WTF dish to me.

Spicy Tuscan spare rib, slow-cooked with Italian tomatoes, rosemary and garlic.

Same comments as before although the WTF moment was gone. Still super delicious and fun to eat.

Artisanal pasta with Cesare’s Mama’s Pomarola sauce and fresh pecorino romano cheese.

Simplicity defined. This may not be everyone's cup of tea since it's so basic, but I love this dish. Perfect pasta texture and a simple bright tomato sauce with cheese. Nothing to it, but it makes me super happy.

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