Friday, February 8, 2008

Anthony Bourdain - New Orleans

Anthony Bourdain recently visited New Orleans on his show No Reservations. Great show with the standout being when he meets up Emeril Lagasse to discuss the Katrina disaster and recovery. As most people probably know, Emeril truly seems to care about his hometown of New Orleans. He discusses tracking down all 400 of his employees and setting up a fund to help them and others in New Orleans out after Katrina.

Bourdain also uncomfortably admits to Emeril that he made a good part of his living ripping on Emeril - he's called him an ewok in the past. He learns however that Emeril was a real chef's guy back in the day cursing with the best of them, involved in a good share of bar fights, and a ball buster in the kitchen. It's always interesting to see Emeril in a different light rather than the loud, comical TV star on the Food Network. Any who, interesting show for those who are fans of Emeril...

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