Monday, February 18, 2008

Cohiba - Maduros 5

First and foremost, Happy President's Day!!!

I, like any Dude can appreciate a good smoke. Whether it's after a hearty meal, or a summer barbecue... to relax afterwards, kickback and light up a stogy spells "Dudeism" all the way.
And a good cigar definitely makes for a good smoke.

I consider myself to know enough about cigars to appreciate a well handcrafted roll.
From the beautiful wrapping, to how it feels in your hands as it warms up, the aroma it gives off and the complex flavors hidden in each draw. Having a nice stogy definitely tops off a successful event.

When I was overseas in Europe last month, I took a day trip into Switzerland and bought myself a few Cuban Cohibas.
I broke them out the other day with D'Artagnan and we smoked them on my balcony. "Man, are these good".
Cohiba Maduros 5
Everything you look for in a mild to heavy cigar.
Great flavor and aroma in each perfect draw.
If you are like me and love Romeo y Julietas and Monte Cristos, this is the champion cigar for you.

Elegantly earthy and nutty.
Coffee tones with a hint of woodsy/cedary finish.
Some nuttiness as well.

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