Thursday, February 28, 2008

No more foodie kitchens

Here's an interesting article about how the current housing market (or lack thereof) is causing people to think twice about doing an all out foodie kitchen. You know what I'm talking about - the granite counter tops, viking stove, sub zero fridge, and the necessary outdoor pizza oven. In the past, a big time kitchen renovation that cost $50,000 could get a 93% return on their investment when they sold the house. Today, the return is more like 73%. C'est la vie. I guess my dreams of a real big time kitchen may have to wait a decade or two.


Athos said...

There's an industrial park next to my office where there are several interior decorating companies. Every day, there are no less than 50 sets of huge sets of granite, marble, cement slabs for kitchens, bathrooms, etc. in each parking lot. They sit there all day & night out in the open, and I am soooo tempted to renting a truck, backing it up, and driving away with a set. Come join me, and we can both have our dream kitchen. Hell, we can even redo our bathrooms, and while we're at it, our garage! ;*)

porthos said...

OMG... There is so much kitchen space in that pic.