Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cento Tomatoes

Got an email from a reader about canned tomatoes, so I'd like to share my recent taste of a great canned tomato. I'm always looking for better canned tomatoes (and olive oil), so after watching Colameco's episode on San Marzano tomatoes I figured why not give Cento a try. When buying San Marzano's, you need to watch out since there are tomatoes that are labeled San Marzano but grown in the US - kinda like Kobe beef. Whatever brand you buy, you need to make sure it's D.O.P certified. DOP stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta and is basically the Italian government saying these are the real deal - kinda like a trademark for food (Parmiggiano-Reggiano has the same DOP stamp).

These Cento DOP Certified San Marzano's are the best I've bought in the US - way better than the Nina's Brand from Costco. Less acidic, slightly sweeter, and much fuller flavor. Definitely worth the extra cost - about $3 for a 28 oz can at the local Shop Rite. Watch out though, since even Cento has a San Marzano varietal that's non DOP. These maybe grown else where like other than the San Marzano region or maybe even in California.

I took these suckers on a test run and the results were outstanding when I made my pizza sauce.


Melissa said...

thank you for the information about the non-DOP certified Cento tomatoes. I just bought some. I feel violated.

Aramis said...

D'oh. The key is to eat them right out of the can. You'll know right away if they're DOP or not...