Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eastern Standard

I was up in Boston (on business, and a little pleasure) this weekend for the Boston Wine Expo.
"Work hard, play hard", pretty much sums up those 48 hours.

We had about 10 cases of sake to bring up to Boston so we decided to drive up at 6am. The purpose at the Expo was to showcase various Sakes my company imports to the United States and those that we sell in Boston. It's 6 hours of industry people and consumers asking you all sorts of questions about Sake. In the addition, factor in the set up and dismantling of the booth, pretty much you are on your feet all day.
Pouring and explaining all day, the various stylistic differences and characteristics of sake can run it's toll.
So naturally after an event like that, we would want to unwind with some food and booze.
We met up some locals we knew and the night progressed as such.

Eastern Standard (In Kenmore Square) was recommended by our contacts in Boston.
I'll tell you something... for the quality of food we ate, the service we got, and the price we paid, this is quite THE Place.
It had an American Brasserie feel to it (if that makes sense).
Think of Balthazar or Artisanal... but with dimmed lights and less French people. Very cool decor and a ton of hot girls in their 20s and 30s.
Obviously a ton of Bostonians too, but not the Fenway Park A-holes you think of when you think Boston.
I would definitely go back the next time I'm in Beantown.

Our meal (dishes everyone ordered)
Rawbar : Katama Oysters
Rawbar : Cherrystone Clams
Salad : Frisee aux Lardon
Salad : Roasted Beets and Greens
Hot Ap : Pan Seared Foie Gras with Caramelized Onions
Entree : Bone-in Ribeye
Entree : Pan Seared Foie Gras with Stuffed Quail
Entree : Cassoulet (Rabbit Leg Confit)
Dessert : Apple Strudel
Dessert : Profiterole
Dessert : Dense Chocolate Cake
Dessert : Petit Fours
Libation : 2005 Movia Ribolla (Slovenia)
Libation : 2004 Grenache (Sicily)
Libation : 2004 Muscat (France)

The meal was fantastic. Tons of laughs and an abundance of food.
Highlights were the Katama Oysters, Cassoulet and the Sicilian Grenache Wine.
Katama Oysters - Probably the best raw oyster I have ever had.
Katama Bay Oysters are white in shell color with deep, fluted shells. The flavor is medium in salt content, and very sweet. The finish is soft, clean and even sweeter.

It was so good, I am thinking of taking another trip up to Boston for them in the next few weeks.

Cassoulet - Not the traditional Gascogne style cassoulet but non the less, very delicious.
They substituted a rabbit leg confit with the traditional duck leg confit.
The sausage was chopped up and incorporated into the tarbais beans and bread crumbs were sprinkled on top prior to reheating in the oven.
A very hearty and full of flavor dish. It paired perfectly with the Sicilian Grenache.

After dinner, we headed over to a local hotspot called The BeeHive. Had a few more thinks and mingled with the locals. We didn't get back to our hotel rooms until 4 in the morning but that's a different story reserved for another time.

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