Friday, February 29, 2008

Kobe Club

I never thought Bruni would get a review right... or even remotely close...
But now after going to Kobe Club, the man was right on!
Chodorow's Kobe Club, located in midtown is quite possibly the worst steakhouse I've ever been to. Even if I only paid half the bill, it would still be the worst steakhouse I've ever been to.

If you know anything about the feud between Bruni and Chodorow... you are in luck, cause you're about to get the Dudesonfoods take on the Kobe Club.

My friend and I went a week ago because we've been hearing constant rumors of this American owned restaurant serving supposedly Wagyu Beef. Not that it's good or bad.. but that it exists.. and that nobody we know has been before. Seriously... do you know anyone who's eaten there?

Curiosity got the better of us, and so we took the plunge.

We ordered the following :

Hamachi Ceviche
- I would not recommend this to anyone... It was simply slices of poorly frozen Yellow Tail with a Fruit Salsa, Grapfruit Juice spritzed on top and stale toast.
French Fries - A large bowl of soggy french fries.

Edamame Whipped Potatoes
- Absolutely flavorless mashed potatoes garnished with Wasabi Beans. Which makes you wonder why the potatoes are even green in the first place, because they had no flavor.
American Kobe Beef Steak - Terrible. When you eat something this "nasty", you have to wonder what on earth is the chef is doing? High school kids in "home-ec" could do better blind-folded.
It's seriously insulting! a customer to pay money and get served this $@%#.

The only thing worth talking about was how they prepared the check...
It's a 5 inch Samurai's knife with the bill stabbed into a corked block. Cute.


Athos said...

Looking at the bill, and uhh... mimosa with steak?

But yeah, that steak looks rank. First thing that comes to mind is that line in Pulp fiction: burnt to a crisp.

Porthos said...

Looks can be deceiving at times... but this was very poor quality beef (duped as Wagyu) and cooked extremely poorly. It was nothing but a train wreck.