Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beer Night

written at 11:25pm Tuesday night.

Fellow dudes Devin and Aramis came out tonight to the Victory Brewery Tasting at Stag's Head on 51st and 2nd Ave. 
Totally worth the trip folks.  Because not only was there free beer, but the beers were PHENOMENAL!!!

Victory is a brewery located in Pennsylvania. 
As Devin puts it, "Everything Victory puts out, is wonderful.  Solid freaking Craft Beer."
Both Aramis and I were also blown away with the quality tonight. 

We tried 4 awesome beers but I can only seem to remember the last one.  (hey it's late and it's been a long day)
Saison Du Buff - a collaboration between Stone, Dogfish and Victory.  If you know anything about each of these breweries, you can actually taste all their signature flavor profiles in this single beer. 
Clean, Crisp, Medium Bitters with a gentle Citrus Hoppy finish.  Medium Light body with a aristocratic beginning, middle and end. 
The beer just tasted unbelievably clean and possibly is now my favorite beer.  (Pushing Dogfish Head 90 to #2)
If you love Sake, this beer is right up your alley.  All the tasting notes reminded me of a well crafted Junmai Daiginjo Sake. 

And oh yes, although not part of the Victory tasting, we got to try a sip of a one of a kind. 
Magic Hat - Brass Monkey with Brett. Hence "Funky Monkey"
You could totally taste the ripe funk in this beer.  I've never thought too much about Magic Hat but this one was exceptional. 
Thank god for Brett. 

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