Monday, February 21, 2011

Prime Meats - Review

Prime Meats - Dude Grade: A
465 Court Street
at Luquer St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: (718) 254-0327

We dudes always debate which burger reigns supreme in the NYC area. My go to burger was always JG Melon which consistently won out over all burger pretenders. However, Porthos has been telling me the Prime Meats burger was on another level. With so much hype from Porthos, I figured it'll be tough to live up to the reputation, but it does. Hands down this is the best burger in the NYC area - not even close for me.

Our Menu

House-made Pretzel **
Great pretzel flavor and perfect texture. Crispy where the "x" is and soft and chewy around the edges. Super fun with the sweet mustard - not too sweet and spicy/delicious mustard flavor.
Grilled Bratwurst *
Moist and fun to eat.

Bacon and Braised Red Cabbage **
Like many other items we had, it was an eye opener saying "oh, so this is what it's supposed to taste like." The bacon had some great smoke, was slightly sweet and intensely porky/fatty. Really phenomenal and the red cabbage was incredibly tasty and acidic which cut the richness of the bacon.

The Prime Meats Burger ***
1/2 lb. Creekstone Certified Black Angus, house-made sesame roll & fermented dill pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion & hand-cut French fries

Every single thing I look for in a burger was found in The Prime Meats Burger. A ridiculously awesome beef flavor that's funky enough due to the ageing, but not so funky that it detracts from the experience. A nice sear/crispy char on the outside with perfect seasoning that's also very juicy. The sesame roll had some great flavor, but my only complaint was the meat to bun ratio was a tad off - a bit too much bun in my opinion. Any who, this is hands down the best burger for me.

Rating System
--- What the F - in a bad way | (no stars - poor to average) | * Good | ** Great | *** What the F – in a good way

Overall Restaurant Experience
  • Food (A) - Phenomenal burger and the other dishes kicked massive ars also.
  • Service (B) – Hostess was nice and friendly. Server did his job, but the food came out a tad slow...not awful though since the beers kept me occupied.
  • Atmosphere (A) – Love the vibe here. In the back, it's high ceilings with a lot of sunlight and it felt like a cross between St John's and any Steakhouse with the bright white walls with the dark wood panel trim. The place was pretty busy for a Friday lunch. The crowd was a mix of young and old couples, groups, and dudes hanging out. A consistent theme though is there are a ton of hipsters obviously.
  • Price (A) - $16 for the best burger in the nyc area. Can't beat that.
Closing Comments
Porthos always told me to check this place out, but living out in NJ - it's such a pain in the ars to take the F train to get out to Brooklyn. Now that I've been, I will 100% make that journey since I love this place. Comfort food at it's best cooked really eff'n good. The chef told us they're working on a roast chicken special with foie gras and chicken shmaltz (fat) I 100% want to go back for that.

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