Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Huevos Verdes y Jamon

My cousin and I were IMing each other, and she was asking me about China. When I told her how I celebrated my birthday there, she wished me a happy belated birthday and asked me what I would like. She recently moved to Spain. “If you’re serious, send me some Iberico jamon.” This type of Serrano ham is supposed to be the best in the world, so I was joking. Moreover, this is $100+/pound. A week later, and I received a package on my desk. I saw that it was sent from Spain, and you better believe I tore that box open. Okay, she just rose to the top of my Favorite Cousin list. The contents of the box includes:

Olive oil
Iberico ham

The postcard insists that I eat the ham with the olive oil and bread. “It’s just not right not to.” She lives in Jaen, which is in Andalusia. Jaen is known as “World Capital of Olive Oil.” The trees on the front of the postcard are all olive trees. Oh yeah, I am going to enjoy this. But wait, bread is needed. My coworker is so excited that he offered to run to the closest place for some pan. He’s back in a flash from the new Panera that opened just this past Friday along with plates and napkins. Time to dig in! Oil on plate, bread sopped it up, and a shaving of ham on top. In the mouth it goes, and mmmm. The fat melts in your mouth. The flavors are intense. I’m happy. My coworker is happy. My other coworker is Muslim, but I think he wanted to try some of this delicious pork. While we’re having our little jamon fiesta, the president stopped by my desk to talk to me. He dove right in, and I gotta tell you, this was an ultimate dude moment at the office. We all had smiles on our faces.


porthos said...

So jealous...
I may just have to take a trip to "Despana" in the city and order a 1/4 pound of that stuff for myself.
My boss is a huge fan of prosciutto as well...
Brownie points?

Aramis said...

Holy crap...that looked so good. Never had Iberico, but it's on my list now as must try.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! lol. I am glad that this brought so much pleasure to your life. It feels good to be at the top of the cousin list! lol. Besos de España!