Thursday, December 2, 2010

All Hype

...the food that is. But the view is spectacular!

If you take a look at Mont Saint Michel and furthermore, deeper into the famous soufflé-like omelette at La Mere Poulard, you too would be excited to get your paws all over one of these.
After all, they boast an airy and creamy egg custard like none you ever had. Set at the foot of the legendary impenetrable Mont St. Michel, this has TOURIST TRAP written all over it.

Well here's the bottom line.
It's a complete rip off. The omelette is burnt on the outside and not even cooked in the inside. The Sweet and Savory versions of the omelette taste almost the same. And at 34 Euros a pop, you are better off spending it on anything else but this.

Your best bet is to rent a car and drive there like what I did. Climb to the top of the monastery, catch your breath and soak up the view for a few minutes.
Climb down the roughly 20 stories, hop back in your car and grab dinner in St. Malo.

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