Monday, December 20, 2010

Men's Eating Club (Round 1)

***Warning - Explicit Language Used***

The Men's Eating Club of NYC kicked-off our first ever meal at Momofuku Ma Peche (in Midtown Manhattan).
What better place to start what we hope to be a monthly or bi-monthly event.

A few of us fellas are in the food industry so it makes it easier to get rezzies from time to time.

Below is a list of dishes that were sent out during the 20 course / 3 and a half hour Man-Fest.

Gose style German Beer
First bev of the night. Great intro and explanation Colin (Bev Director).

seafood plateau :
Shrimp Cocktail
normally not a remarkable dish.. but for some reason, it was actually Very Good. not overcooked, flavor and textures were right on.

Alaskan King Crab Legs
slightly briny, good texture, and the dipping sauces def helped make this memorable as well.

3 types of Oysters
all on the plumper side. but not overly creamy so you got best of both worlds. meaty and briny.

Fluke Ceviche
prepared in house marinade. first hints of SE Asian spices for the night.

Calamari Salad
bigger Asian flavors coming through. anyone can enjoy a good calamari dish.

Marinaded Scallops
a little bit of heat rounds out this marinaded dish. like a professional athlete, my palate was nicely warmed up .

reminded me of an Olivier Roelinger dish. bite-sized morsels of perfectly cured and sauced mackerel.

Sea Bass
reminded me of Hong Kong. steamed sea bass with soy and hot oil draped right before serving.

Saison Beer
great bottle conditioned saison style brew. although i'd prefer drinking this towards earlier fall, the dishes that came next totally paired well with this gem.

beef 7 ways :
Wagyu Tataki
bite sized cuts of japanese beef done tataki style. starting out nice and slow. kinda like kissing a womans neck and nibbling on her ears. the seduction begins.

Cured Tongue Salad
onto the kiss. full on tongue, gentle and sweet. the accompanying greens could be the raspberry chapstick she put on for your pleasure.

Beef Tartare
another fantastic dish that showcased the chef's obsession to quality meats. two words, "half chub"

House-made Lemongrass Beef Sausage
flavorful and perfect texture. served with some boston bib lettuce and condiments. the fondle. a nice surprise. no bra and total handfuls.

Cote de Beouf
one of the best in the city. when the beef is this good, you don't need to do anything else to it. real dry aged beef flavor. very very good. and the blouse comes off. Certified Angus Beef i'm sure.

Braised Oxtail
probably the highlight of the evening. i know none of us at the table could replicate this dish. it was pure perfection. to me, the beauty in this dish was the texture. how could it be so tender, and yet, when you chew, it still had texture? it smelled, tasted and felt great. it was so good, i thought i was getting a hummer under the table.

Braised Shank
this 8# braised shank plops down on to the table. everyone says it, but it's so true. "meat" the FLINTSTONES. i had already blown my load on the oxtail. but sure as hell wasn't going to not eff this "Dish".

Carrots tossed in Beef Bone Marrow
absolute delight. carrots never tasted so good. new experience. delicioius!

Brussel Sprouts fried and flavored with Beef Fat and Nam Pla
this was a staple at Ssam Bar for a while. and rightfully so. inventive and masterful.

Brisket Pho
per instructions by the chef, and just to make sure we were in food coma, our waitress brought out some bowls of noodles. i mean "come on"! her face looked just as shocked as we were.

Beef Consomme
(paired magically with the epoisse) rich, dense, beef broth. their play on a consomme, and why not. you could do whatever you wanted to me at this point. total submission.

cheese course :
Epoisse with Black Truffles served with Tom Cat Bakery Baguette
a magnanimous moment for all of us. perfectly tempered epoisse with sliced black truffles laced on top of the wheel. spooned over the yummiest baguette in NYC.
earthy, woodsy, stinky... absolute perfection.

And to finish, what we called the "Tiger Balm/Sarsaparilla/Mint" Digestive
Our Server highly recommended this crazy Italian elixir to help us "digest".
This completely served as the cigarette after sex.
And it worked. I felt a lot better after taking the shot and actually regained most of my motor skills.

Thanks to the team at Ma Peche for a killer meal. Hats go off to all of them. (Front and Back)
This level of awesomeness will be hard to replicate for sure.

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