Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jersey (City) Subs

There's a reason why it's not called a "Maryland Sub", or a "Connecticut Hoagie".
Here in Jersey, we do Subs the right way.
The saying, "Rome wasn't built over night" couldn't be more true.
It takes years of practice to get the Jersey Sub experience just right. For instance, if you ask for cold cuts, to the untrained ear, one probably only hears half the syllables and sometimes just plain ole rubbish. No one in their right mind says "Gah-Bah-Gool" and should that mean Capicola. But in Jersey, that's what flies.
And as for the sandwich itself.
I must stress the importance of the meats to bread ratio. This is most sacred.
No pansy slice of Jambon between 2 inches of Baguette folks. When grab hold of my sub, I know I'll be ingesting spoonfuls of cholesterol and multiple daily allowances of sodium in every bite.

A Sub shop a few blocks away from my apartment just sprung up and by golly, am I a happy camper.
Park and Sixth is originally a Hoboken shop that did so well, they opened a second location in Jersey City.

Truth be told, I was notified about this place by one of my neighbors and had been obsessing about it all day at the office.
The moment I stepped through the doors, I searched for the menu board as if it were the Red October. I wanted my sandwich fix and I wanted it bad.
So like any rational 32 year old male picking up dinner for Monday Night Football, I ordered a slew of subs. Complete over kill.

I went with The Park & Sixth, The Eli Manning, The 2 Points to Genius, and The Bat Out of Hell.
All good subs in their own right. Delicious and worth every penny.
Now I just have to deal with the unfinished subs, and for that I will pay for my sins. This means lunch Tuesday and Wednesday will be day old and two day old subs.
A reminder to never do this again, but we all know that's a lesson learned and forgotten.

I will definitely be visiting Park and Sixth again very shortly.

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