Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Braising Short Ribs

When it comes to hearty winter dishes, a well braised Short Rib is right up there on the list of favorites.

I was playing around with ideas for a beer braised short rib the other day.
Not too bad I say... Not too bad.

Ingredients :
3# of Beef Short Ribs (cut to 4" portions)
1 bottle of your favorite rich and malty beer
1C Fond de Veau
beef stock
3 cloves of Garlic
handful of thyme (your favorite herbs)
salt and pepper
2T butter
1C mirepoix
1T tomato paste

Directions :
Pat your short ribs with wondra and sear all sides.
Remove and let rest.
Saute the following for 5 minutes - mirepoix, tomato paste, garlic, salt and pepper and butter.

Add Beer and Fond de Veau and let melt. Now arrange the short ribs in to the pot and pour enough beef stock to cover protein. Toss in thyme and bring up to boil. Cut heat, cover and throw in 350 degree F oven for 4 hours.

Take out, let rest for 15 minutes and plate. Voila, you got a hearty meat dish fit for any winter night.


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend a Belgian Style Dubbel or a Dark Lager (Dunkel) for the beer. I am sure some stouts could be excellent in this, but others may be too bitter.

porthos said...

Yes I agree as well.
I definitely don't recommend anything too hoppy.
This beer I chose is Coedo's Beniaka. Along with light crystal malts, the brewery also adds roasted red sweet potatoes into the mash. The natural sweetness comes through really nice.