Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life of a Liquor Salesman

From time to time, I find myself on foot in the middle of Manhattan going from one account to the next.
Life as a Liquor Distributor isn't always swirling wine glasses and "tasting" the hooch. Sometimes it's just FaceTime with your customers, and a lot of times, it's putting out fires.
It was 21 degrees yesterday, wind-chill dropped it down to 5 degrees and I had appointments scheduled back to back all afternoon.
A 5 min lunch was all I had and options were scarce.
No Gray's Papaya in sight. No Lenny's either. Therefore had to resort to street carts.
Luckily this particular cart was right across the street from my 3 o'clock and I boogied over there asap.
$5 Chicken and Lamb Combo with Drink. A ton of white and hot sauce was requested as well.
You just can't beat that!

The juxtaposition of me scarfing down this meal standing outside (in the blistering cold) right in front of one of our fine American financial institutions was priceless. Men and women in suits sneaking outside and taking a moment to suck on their cancer sticks just looked at me like vermin and clearly didnt appreciate my situation one bit.

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