Monday, November 29, 2010

Pop Burger - Review

Pop Burger - Recommended
58-60 9th Ave, New York NY 10011
Btwn 14th & 15th St
Phone: (212) 414-8686

Met up some friends at Pop Burger and although I've been there a couple of times, I don't ever remember going sober so I figured it's a perfect time to post up a review. Concept is this is a burger joint that's masquerading as a lounge. Burgers are tasty and the vibe is not bad, so it's a decent place to start the night with some grub and drinks.

Our Menu
Pop Burgers *
Three little sliders that's pretty tasty. Good meat flavor and nice texture. The bun is a tad too large, but the flavor is nice and complements the meat. The sauce was the best part of the burger - creamy, slightly sour and sweet.

Half and Half (Fries
and Onion Rings) **
Uber crispy fries with great potato flavor. Onion rings were solid - crisp and not greasy like most onion rings.

Rating System
--- What the F - in a bad way | (no stars - poor to average) | * Good | ** Great | *** What the F – in a good way

Overall Restaurant Experience
  • Food (7.8/10) – Tasty burger and fries. Nowhere near a contender for best burger, but it definitely works.
  • Service (7.0/10) – The service was pretty damn slow there and it was empty in the lounge area. It took maybe 15-20 minutes to get a drink and the lounge area was basically empty except for our group.
  • Atmosphere (7.8/10) – Pop burger is split up into two sections - the front fast food section and the back lounge area. We ate at the back lounge which was alright. They have wall projectors showing concerts from the 60's (Stones, Who, etc.) which I digged. However, the place is pretty dark so it was hard to see the menu. There are a bunch of couches, tables, and chairs along the wall with a good amount of space between each table. When we left (around 10), the crowd consisted of groups of 4-6 with ages between 20-24 and what seemed to be the upper 30s.
  • Price (5.0) - Burger was tasty, but it was $15 which didn't come with fries. Add in the additional $5 and you're looking at $20 for burger/fries which makes no sense for the quality.
Closing Comments
I prefer Stoned Crow's burger ($12) if you're looking for a place to get your drink on and eat a delicious burger. However, if I were hanging out in the meatpacking (I never do), starting here for a burger makes sense.

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