Thursday, October 7, 2010

Porterhouse Steaks : Morton's Style

***disclaimer ***
I make no apologies ripping on people... especially ignorant foodies.
I take my profession and industry pretty seriously and pointing out the weak and hoping they disappear is (in in my humble opinion) a public service.

I recently searched the web for simple instructional videos on how to grill steaks. I was curious to find what was out there in terms of informational or educational pieces.
To my amazement, and utter shock from what my eyes witnessed, I now know why guys like Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray have national television presence.
They are like gods compared to the general pool of talentless chefs across America.

The very first video I stumbled upon was this one. YouTube URL here
(and unfortunately didn't get any better)
Mr. Elias Iglesias is the executive chef of Morton's Steakhouse.

What this video taught me more than anything, was to never eat at a Morton's Steakhouse.
But being the relentless food journalist that I am, and by journalist, I mean masochist, I will give them a try and probably rip them up like the time I went to PF Chang's.

My favorite part of the clip wasn't even the video itself, but the comments on the bottom.
Absolutely mind-boggling! (I wish I had the vocabulary to describe the Superlative form of "Mind Boggling")
People have NO idea what they are talking about. And yet they are trying to correct each other here and there.

Here's a thread in the Comments sections I isolated.

Person A : "a porterhouse is filet and new york strip, not sirloin"

and a few posts later...
Person B : "no Person A, a t-bone is a strip and tenderloin, porterhouse is sirloin and filet"

call me an instigator, call me what you will...
but I proceeded to ask this Person B what the difference was between a NY Strip, Sirloin, Tenderloin and Filet Mignon.
(fyi : a NY Strip and a Sirloin is the exact same cut of meat. a Tenderloin and a Filet Mignon is the exact same cut of meat.)

and this was emailed back to me
well out of them a sirloin is the lowest quality... dosent have a good meat flavor its the most common steaks at a place like chilis... strip steaks arent very tender, but theyre definitely not tough... theyre my favorite kind of steak if its cooked right... a filet is definitely the best qualty cut of meat a 7 oz filet cost as much as a 16 oz strip...
its usually a fat circle cut and it is like butter, i dont like them because theyre so small for the price...

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