Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pork Belly and Chinese Chive Buds

This is one of my best original dishes I think I've ever made.
It's been a dish in progress. With about 5 previous prototypes.
But I think I got it down. It's mighty good if I don't say so myself.

Ingredients :
1# - Pork Belly (Sliced Thin)
2" diameter bunch - Chinese Chive Buds (More tender and milder in flavor)
1oz - Ginger
1T - Lemon Grass Puree
Thai Basil (as you like)
4 - Chili Peppers
2T - Soy Sauce
4T - Chinese Cooking Wine
2T - Hoisin Sauce
1T - Namplah (Fermented Fish Sauce)
1/3C - Chicken Stock

This was inspired by countless visits to Vietnamese/Thai restaurants and grocery stores.
Every time I step into either the restaurant or grocery store, I would get a beautiful whiff of all these spices and herbs. I just wanted to replicate that same sensory overload and enjoy it with my favorite Japanese white rice. (Donburi Style)

Hence I used pork belly because it's guaranteed super juicy and flavorful. The Chinese chive buds are a nostalgic flavor that reminds me of my mother's home cooking. And the rest is just my interpretation of what Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Thai focused) must taste like.

Directions :
Heat a large 12" sautee pan (reasonably tall side walls will help keep everything inside while stirring) on high. Add a generous amount of cooking oil and add julienned ginger root.
Add pork and stir to break up. As the color changes and the protein cooks to about 70% done, add in chopped up chili peppers, soy sauce, namplah, hoisin sauce, and chinese cooking wine. After about another minute of stirring, add the chives and vigorously stir to coat everything evenly. Add the lemongrass puree and basil and finally add in the chicken stock. Let it go for another 30 seconds or so and plate onto a serving dish.
(All this time, you want to keep the BTUs ripping at Max. So all your attention should be focused on this dish.)

Serve with white rice.

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